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According to world famous biochemist and toxicologist Dr. Bruce Ames, PhD, “No matter how well you eat, take a multivitamin daily. It may just save your life.”

According to Dr. Ames, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the most serious cancer risks that many people face today. His research on nutritional deficiencies dates back decades, and his discoveries are nothing short of astounding.


Americans are certainly not short of food, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are properly nourished.

Research has shown that adding a multivitamin supplement each day can not only decrease the risk of certain cancers, but also heart disease, among others.

Of course, SUPPLEMENTS are called "SUPPLEMENTS" for a reason. They are not called "REPLACEMENTS". The most effective way to reduce inflammation is by removing inflammatory foods from your diet. For a complete customized 16-week anti-inflammatory meal plan see:


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